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X-men Legends (GC)  $14.99 

Inspired by the 'Ultimate' X-Men series and penned by former X-Men writers, X-Men Legends draws players into an original cliffhanger storyline full of plot twists and intrigue. The rich story continues through more than 35 fully rendered cinematic sequences, supporting vast playable worlds and explorable environments that thrust players into the life-or-death crossroads for humankind. Players recruit their team from more than a dozen favorite x-men characters to embark on each new mission, as they learn and build-up special superpowers unique to each character. The action continues as gamers strengthen their team by upgrading character attributes, enhancing their fighting abilities and learning new moves. Fans can even find new equipment to increase mutant skills and unlock new characters, costumes and other hidden treasures throughout the epic struggle. The action in x-men legends is fierce as players not only build their team of four powerful x-men for each mission, but also are able to switch instantly between team members as duty calls in the heat of the battle.

Players can easily command allies and teammates to assist in combat as well as use each x-men's unique superpowers to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and confront enemies. Special moves and super powers can even be combined to increase enemy damage and gain more experience. With destructible 3-d environments, x-men legends' players experience the full power of the x-men as they feel the effects and see the aftermath of superhero battles. Players can battle the brotherhood of mutants and confront evil-doers alone or team up with a friend to experience the epic journey in 2-player co-operative mode, where each player controls two mutants to make a powerful x-men squad. With dynamic joining, a partner can jump into the action at any time. X-men legends features several other multi-player modes as well, including skirmish mode, where players can import their single player characters and attributes for head-to-head combat 'versus' action for up to four players, or in side-by-side battles against all enemies.

Rating: Teen (T13+)
Content: Violence, Blood.
Condition: Used, complete
Vendor Code: Main Shop (GAU)

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