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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (GC)  $39.99 

The HARVEST MOON series by Natsume captured the hearts of gamers everywhere with its cute yet solid storyline and fun farming sim aspects. The series continues with HARVEST MOON: MAGICAL MELODY for the Game Cube, another great HARVEST MOON game. The world of HARVEST MOON is in peril. The Harvest Goddess has been turned to stone, and without her, the harvest won't come in time and people will start. The Harvest Spirits request the player's character to help them. Only by finding 100 magical music notes can the goddess be restored and the harvest saved. Players set out to find the magical notes by solving a series of puzzles and completing specific tasks. The tasks players must do to find the notes are varied, and there's enough different items on the list to keep the gameplay fresh. The jobs players will find themselves doing include selling items, making friends with animals, and even winning contests at the festival. All of these tasks require players to think carefully. In addition to this main goal, players have other things to accomplish. There are ten potential spouses for both male and female characters, and players can woo the significant other of their choice. There's also farming, raising animals, and selling produce. And, to top it all off, there are a number of different mini-games that up to four players can participate in. All of this makes HARVEST MOON: MAGICAL MELODY a great game for players of all ages.

Rating: Everyone (E)
Content: Suitable for all Audiences.
Condition: Used, complete, item/game/movie included, includes manual, includes original box/case
Vendor Code: Main Shop (GAU)

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