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Trade-in Information

Welcome to our Trade-ins Section

First: How do we define trade-in?:

If you have a game that you are not playing anymore and it is just sitting around collecting dust it has the potential to able to be used as a trade-in. This is a way for you to turn your games in cash. Well in this case it is a credit towards other games that we sell that you want to buy or it can be used as a down payment on a game that we do not have in stock yet or one that you want special ordered.

What are you taking in trade-in and how much to I get for each item?:

Our trade-in values change all the time but usually is up tot 50% of our selling price, provided it is needed, isn't a super-common game, and is complete and in perfect condition. All of these things effect the value of what we offer.  You will get less if an item is missing the box and/or book, maps and additional items that should be with it. Some items may not even be worth anything without these like cd games have to have their compete original cases and inserts (not neccessarily the manuals though).

Why do you not have every game out there listed on your website?

Because there is well over 50,000 games out there, over a thousand alone for some game systems. Also not every game is needed by us so we only take trade-ins on games that are harder to find unless.

Why do some of the trade-in values vary so much from the sell prices?

The trade-in values are based on an average cost per item and also the factors noted below as well.

How can I do Trade-ins ? (only available in the store)

If you live in the Sackville area and/or are able to get down to the shop and wish to arrange a trade-in with us check us out at Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles in Lower Sackville

Our trade-in policy vs cash for items:

1) All items must be in good shape, cd and dvd based games must always have original cases.
2) If they are missing manuals they are worth less to us.
3) If cds/dvds are scratched badly or missing cds or the case we may not purchase them. If they have any scratches or the case is damaged we may reduce the buy price too.
4) Markings or stickers or sticker scum on the cds/cartridges will have buy price reduced.
5) If it has a save game battery and it's not working it will considerably reduced the buy price too or not be bought.
6) If it is missing items that were supposed to come with it especially a vital part that is needed to play the game then we may either reduce the buy price or not buy it.
7) If we have an item already or can easily order it inexpensively then we will offer alot less then our usual half of what we sell it for, or we not buy it. This is based on in stock used price not the ordering cost amount.
8) If the item is pretty common we will also offer alot less too or not buy it. If the item is hard to come by and no longer in print we may offer more then our normal amount for it. If it is available to us through our many game suppliers at good prices that will also reduce the price we pay for certain items too. This is why the average price we pay for many older games tends to be less then half our selling price.
9) Sports games and items that are always being cleared out by other companies we either do not buy or we buy for very little.
10) Take in account all of these things if you are ever in doubt about how much we offer in trade-in.

Always remember to take into account these things too:

1) We do not buy burned software.
2) We  don't always buy every item out there.
3) You can use trade-in credits on anything videogame related we have in stock or keep it the credit on hand.

Items that were are currently looking for:

1) Mostly Super Nintendo games, Sega Saturn games, Nintendo 64 games, vintage games, and any other games we do not have in stock. Game Systems that we are not overstocked in.

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