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First: A Bit About Us:

Many of you may be curious about how we differ from many other online shops. Let us start by saying that first of all that we are a truly Canadian business that instead of dealing with people on the large scale we deal with them on a one-on-one basis. At this point in time we use no auto mailers. They tend to be impersonal and we would rather deal with you one on one. Also we can track down or order in games that usually are hard to find. If it is out there we can find it, we have a 90% success rate on finding games. For more information on us check us out in our about us page.

What do we carry in inventory?:

If it is a console videogame and not a PC or Macintosh game in the form of Cd or cartridge (and in the case of systems that have both cartridge and disks we carry those too) we carry it or will try to get them in if it is within our reach. Note we do not do special orders on disk games, just cd and cartridge based ones. Also we carry some DVDs and VHS movies (but these are not normal a normal part of our stock), videogame systems and accessories and hint books and some books on occasion too.

In inventory we have a number of categories that differ for ordering information they are:

1) Regular orders - includes everything we have in stock now.
2) Not in stock games (These items are not in stock at this time, and may take time to get in (if possible to get it, sometimes the cost on them may vary as well).)

What if an item I want is not listed on your website?

Easy answer, ask us to add it to our website, we will try to add it as soon as we can. If it is not a console videogame or an accessory for a videogame machine we may not be able to order it. Game systems sometimes can take a bit longer because we can only get them locally due to shipping costs that make the systems too expensive to order from a far, at least at this time anyways.

Why do you not have every game out there listed on your website?

Because there is well over 50,000 games out there, over a thousand alone for some game systems. It will take us a long time to get every game listed so we add games as we get them in or just add ones that we feel are high demand games.

If ordered online, how much time will it take to get my order?

- In stock orders:

1) Within Canada - (7-10 days Letterpost or Expedit) (Expresspost - 1 - 5 days).
2) To the US - (1-3 wks Air Mail or Letterpost) (Expedit 2-4 wks) (Expresspost 6-10 days)

- Not in Stock items, and ones on back order take the shipping times above plus the time it takes to get it to us.

- Note: Items not in stock are items that we normally carry but have run out of ( we may or may not have it coming in on our next order. If it is on order it be in the coming soon section on the front page.

- Remember never forget to add in the shipping time to the tracking time as well. We only state the amount of time it will take us maximum to find the item in the Special order time, not the shipping time too.


If you live in the Halifax-Dartmouth area and/or are able to get to travel to and around Dartmouth and wish to arrange a trade-in with us check us out at the Harbourview Weekend Market in Dartmouth. We are there 5 days a week right now Wednesdays-Fridays 11am-5pmand Saturdays to Sundays 9am-4pm. We offer fair trade-ins on games that we don't have in stock.


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