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Monday December 15th, 2014:
Merry Christmas from all of us at GAU Games & Collectibles!!
Our Christmas &  Holiday hours are:
- Sat. Dec. 20th to Sun. Dec. 21st 9am - 4pm (normal market hours)
- Wed Dec 24th to Thurs. 25th -> Closed
- Fri. Dec. 26th -> 11am - 4pm
- Sat. Dec. 27th to Sun. Dec. 28th 9am - 4pm (normal market hours)
- Wed Dec. 31th -> 11am - 4pm
- Thurs. Jan 1st -> Closed
- Fri. Jan 2nd -> Back to the shop's normal hours.

Friday August 1st, 2014:
We now have NES, Game Gear, Vectrex, and SNES games up to date with our current stock and other items are being added as we can. Soon we're also beginning online testing to make sure the ordering works good for customers as well from local volunteers.
Monday July 21st, 2014:
With our items reset we are now rebuilding our inventory on the site and will begin testing soon with a few customers to make sure they can order okay on the site. 
Monday July 14th, 2014:
After a number of months of hard work and many tests we've resolved alot issues with the site and have begun resetting our items so we can add them back with the prices they are now.
Monday February 17th, 2014:
It turns out that alot of the issues in the program were because they weren't worked out of the program at the time.  This version of the program is now very much out of date so i'm going to rebuild the site and transfer all my old data and everything else to the new version which now is the full version with it's most of it's bugs worked out. Once we get everything set up again and get all the data added back we'll have to update all the fields again and we are hoping to be able to bring back a fully functional site again with updated stock, but this time it will only have on it what we have in stock on the online store, eventually it would be nice to have all our stock on it though. That will take time though to set up. 
Friday March 22nd, 2013:
Too many issues have occured with the e-commerce side of the site, including people doing transactions and not having them go through on the site, transactions without any emails to me and incompatibilites with Pay Pal, plus us just not having time to focus on the site therefore we have decided to just keep the site (which is still an awesome site) as just a catalog to let people know what we have had available to us over time. Please note that the prices may change over time and may be either higher or lower in our shop as we build it. Contact us to find out for sure if we have it and it's current price. 
Thursday February 28, 2013:
Due to a last minute change to our schedule, due to matters beyond our control and the funeral for a friend and fellow vendor at the market: Elda Brown, the market including our shop will be closed all day tomorrow (Friday). We will be back to our regular schedule next week.
Tuesday February 5, 2013:
We're back open on Wednesdays again as of tomorrow. We're open Wednesday-Friday but at our new times 11am-5pm and our regular Saturdays to Sunday hours.
Tuesday January 8, 2013:
Unfortunately due to matters beyond our control we have to be closed now on Wednesdays but will still open the rest of our normal days at the same hours. Thursdays to Fridays 11am-6pm and Saturdays to Sundays 9am-4pm.

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