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About Us

Who we are?

We started off originally as a small-time flea market vender many years back during the Penhorn flea market days, and have dabbled with ebay and Amazon online a bit as well. Then we took a good number of years off when we lost our main avenues of selling. Now we have a permanent spot at the Harbourview Weekend Market that is open Saturday-Sundays 9am-4pm, and Wednesday-Fridays as well 11am-5pm where we are building our business with the final goal to become our own distinct store. Our goal will always be to provide the highest quality service locally we can. Also our focus is on dealing with the individual rather then mass quantities of people so we have more of a personalized one-on-one based business. Also unlike alot of other videogame based businesses we deal mostly in the older classic games and systems, not focusing on newer games. In most cases usually you will deal with me, Bill Arsenault for anything online related. At the market there is usually me and a few other friends that help out on the weekends.

When it comes to videogames we try to stock all your favorite classics or know where to get them. Sometimes though there is just some titles we have a hard time to get because they are pricey even on our end to get and keep in stock. If there is something you are looking for feel free to contact us. We do most of our buying from customers at the market, or arranged buys locally or deals with distributers for some stuff too. If you are local to Dartmouth or HRM or in the area of downtown Dartmouth come visit us at:

- The Harbourview Weekend Market,
[ 42 Canal Street, Dartmouth, NS (Old Value Village building in downtown Dartmouth).]


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