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Help Desk - Conditions

Conditions of Use

Welcome to GAU Games and Collectables / Games are Us. The services provided on this site are offered to you under the following conditions, please read them carefully before you visit or purchase anything on our site. By using our services you agree to be bound by our conditions of use, our guarantees, our policies and terms. If you do not agree to them then you should not be using our website. All purchases are subject to shipping fees as noted in shipping section unless you pick pickup option and arrange pickup, pickup must be within 7 days of purchase or item and is only available if you are able to come pick it up which means if you are local or have someone local to pick it up. If you do not pick it up then it will be reprocessed and resold unless special circumstances arise.

Copyright and Trademarks:

All our graphics, text, design, buttons, and everything on our website are the property of GAU Games and Collectables and are protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. Use of our website should be for shopping only by placing orders, pre-ordering games and finding out what we having in stock week to week. GAU Games & Collectables, or Games Are Us logos and names are trademarks of GAU Games & Collectables and should be used just to advertise our website or with our permission. Any company graphics and logos used are copyrights of the respective owners as noted at the bottom of our website.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:

- Our website is provided to you as a service as it is and we cannot guarantee that it will be running 24 hours or that our information will always be 100% accurate (written or told by one of us).

- Our prices are based on local prices, rarity, and our cost to get the item and may also change at any time due to changes in our costs or to fix errors. If one of our prices are high there it may possibly be due to rarity of the item, our cost, or a price that may have not been updated to current rates.  Also we are not a large chain store style business so we may not have access to some games that larger stores may have (mostly common games) therefore our prices are not based on individual stores prices, but based on our costs, also quantity and demand have a bearing on the prices too. We also do not typically carry a large quantity of our stock as well and when they sell may be hard to replace the item.

- We also cannot be held accountable if our software is incompatible with your computer (which very rarely happens). Anything that you download from our website is at your own risk and discretion and we cannot be held accountable for damages arising from use of our website (not likely to happen).

- If you encounter slowness on your computer after viewing our website it may be fixed by simply clearing your cache and history in your browser.

- Also we cannot guarantee that we will not pull or delay an order if it does not meet all of our terms or if it there is a problem with the order such as being out of stock or the buyer does not provide all the information we need to ship it to them, such as a good email address, and a full shipping address and we cannot reach them.

In the event of an error on our website

If for some reason a price is listed on our website incorrectly or one of our sales agents gives you in incorrect price we do have the right to refuse or cancel an order. If that were to happen we would notify you that there was an error and allow you the chance to purchase the item again at the correct price and we would refund your money or allow the price to slide in some cases. If you encounter any problems with the website please report them at , or if you have any questions or comments about our e-shop feel free to let us know as well through the contact form or our email address noted.

Online Ordering Terms (When it is available again):

If you buy something by accident let us know and we can remove it before it gets shipped or gets deleted from our database. Note that items are only held for a certain amount of time. If you order an item your order may be cancelled under any of these conditions:

1) You do not contact us to complete payment.
2) You do not pay for it all within the allowed time.
3) You have not provided us with information we need to get it to you.
4) You have ordered items from us many times in the past and have not paid for the items or have defrauded our company in some way shape or form.
5) We are currently only shipping within Canada and the USA.

Payment must always be recieved within the these allowed times or items may be resold:

1) Local orders - 7 days (picked up at the shop.)
2) Orders within Canada - 10 days.
3) Orders going to the US - 3 weeks.

- Note: Please allow extra time at Christmas for shipped orders.

- Note In the case of an error in your information, if you do not provide us a valid email address with a valid information we need we will not be able to get back to you.

- We are always adding new stock as we get items, check back frequently because stock is bought/added and sold/removed daily from our the e-shop.Also we add pre-orders all the time as well.

- As long as items are listed they will be up to date unless sold before it can be removed from site.

- If an item is out of stock that you bought and not updated in time you will be notified as soon as possible, sometimes an item will be sold here and/or locally and not manually removed, this is beyond our control. If this happens our apologies, if possible in this case we will try to order in another of the item if it is still possible to get or let you know the item is no longer available (and/or refund money paid on item(s) if you pay for it without realizing it to be no longer in stock (and your not willing to wait for the item to come in).


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